OREANDA-NEWS  Former world boxing champion in five weight divisions Floyd Mayweather does not plan to hold professional or exhibition fights anymore. He told that to The Athletic portal.

“Do I plan to have new fights? Definitely not", Mayweather said. After that he was asked about the possible holding of exhibition fights. However, the boxer also replied in the negative. “Probably not” , he said.

On the night of June 7, Mayweather held an exhibition duel against blogger Logan Paul. The fight took place in Miami, at the Hard Rock Stadium, and lasted all eight rounds.

The fight did not receive professional status, as there was too much difference in size between the fighters. Paul is 15 cm higher than the opponent, and also heavier by more than 10 kg. Due to the lack of professional status, the fight was held without side judges, for this reason, in order to win, one of the rivals had to knock out the other.

For Mayweather, this is the third show fight, in 2017 he knocked out UFC fighter Conor McGregor. A year and a half later, he defeated the Japanese MMA fighter Tensina Natsukawa in the duel that lasted only two minutes and ended with a knockout.

For Logan Paul, this was only the second fight under the rules of boxing, in 2019 he lost by a split decision to the blogger KSI. Paul's channel has nearly 23 million YouTube subscribers and over 19 million Instagram followers.