OREANDA-NEWS  Two-time world boxing champion Muslim Hajimagomedov expressed confidence in his success in a duel with Chinese Zhang Zhaoxin for the vacant WBA world title in Bridgewate.

"This is the fourth fight, and immediately the fight for the world champion belt. I've always dreamed of a title, dreamed of becoming a world professional champion. I'm ready! I will not miss this opportunity to become a world champion. The belt will remain in Russia," the press service of the Russian Boxing Federation quotes Gadzhimagomedov as saying.

"I watched his fight with Evgeny Romanov (Zhaoxin knocked out the Russian in the second round). There are no accidents in boxing. This is not an easy opponent. I am sure that a difficult fight awaits me. But I'm ready, and I'm going to win," the Russian boxer said.

Zhang Zhaoxin, in turn, called the upcoming fight a big challenge.

"I realize that Gadzhimagomedov is in good shape now, he is at the dawn of his powers. This fight is very interesting to me, it's a big challenge! This will be my third meeting with a Russian boxer. You have a pretty good school, Russian boxers are persistent. You gain experience in fighting with them," the Chinese representative said.

The match will be the main event of the IBA Champions Night tournament on July 12 in Serpukhov.