OREANDA-NEWS  Swedish journalist Thomas Petterson rejoiced at the absence of Russian skiers at the 2023 World Championships in Slovenian Planica. He told about this in the FasterSkier podcast.

"Before the World Cup there was a lot of talk about the return of Russia. There were even moments when it seemed that the Russians would be allowed here, in Planica. This did not happen — thank God!" he said and added that many Swedish skiers were ready to boycott the competition in case of admission of Russians.

At the same time, the journalist said that men's cross-country skiing has become boring without Russians. "I don't want to see them here. But, of course, racing with them would be much more exciting," the Swede said. In his opinion, the International Ski Federation (FIS) will return Russians to tournaments next season in order to improve financial performance.

On February 7, Alexander Panzhinsky, a member of the FIS executive committee, spoke about financial losses due to the absence of Russians. Panzhinsky said that the FIS executive committee discussed the loss of the audience, as well as financial losses from the sale of rights to TV broadcasts.

Russian skiers are missing the season on the international stage due to the sanctions imposed on them by the FIS.