OREANDA-NEWS According to the famous doctor Sergei Chudakov, a group of people under the age of forty is most often exposed to smallpox infection of monkeys and is at risk. He also noted that the population that was vaccinated back in the Soviet era will be able to withstand this disease. It is known from official statistics that Russians aged forty years and older are about seventy million at the moment. Based on this, we can conclude that for fifty percent of the Russian population, this disease does not pose a great danger. What can not be said about the remaining fifty percent of the young population who are at risk. The expert noted that this is far from the first and not the last outbreak of monkey pox, but nevertheless, the causes of such outbreaks are still unknown for modern medicine.

Recently, the World Health Organization announced an outbreak of monkey pox. The disease has been detected in twenty-seven countries. The total number of infected is 780 people.