OREANDA-NEWS. Involved in the murder of a popular in the 90-ies of the singer in the style of chanson, a former assassin gang "the Tver wolves" Alexander Ageev has pleaded guilty. Ageev and a second suspect Osipov was serving a sentence in prison for other crimes.

According to Ageeva, he was present at the scene of the crime, but the murder was committed by the late Dmitry Veselov. The plan was only to play "tricky combination".

In the late evening of June 30, 2002 Ageev and his partner, the late Dmitry Veselov, climbed into a three-storey Krug's house. The robbery has been well chosen, the house was occupied by six people: Michael, his wife Irene, their two children and one Krug's child from his first marriage, and mother-in-law.

As stressed by the criminologist, on how the life of a prisoner with nothing to lose. The name of the Krug at all on hearing, therefore, a convicted murderer confessed, because to check all of these facts, it will be transferred to Moscow, where the conditions of detention will be much easier.