OREANDA-NEWS. The number of patients with diabetes in Russia has increased by more than 20% over the past five years.  This was reported by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

 Most people with diabetes are registered in the Pskov region: there are 4.8 thousand cases of the disease per 100 thousand inhabitants.  Next are the Tula and Ivanovo regions: 4.5 thousand cases of diabetes per 100 thousand local residents.  The following are Karelia (4.4 thousand cases of diabetes), Oryol Oblast (4.3 thousand).

 The lowest rates for diabetes in the country are in Dagestan: 1.1 thousand cases per 100 thousand people.

 It is noted that patients with diabetes have increased by 23%. In 2013, 3.9 million cases of diabetes were recorded, and in 2018 this figure reached 4.8 million people.