OREANDA-NEWS. Australian Federal Judge Anthony Kelly has allowed Novak Djokovic to leave the illegal migrants' hotel for the duration of his deportation hearing.

The judge ordered Djokovic to be able to follow the broadcast from the courtroom due to numerous failures of the online broadcast. The hearing was suspended several times for the same reason.

The judge agreed with the assertion that the Serb had provided all the documents to enter Australia. "This medical exemption was granted by an independent commission set up by the Victorian government,"- Kelly said. - That particular document was in the hands of Djokovic. What else could this man have done?"

"In fact, he wouldn't even have come here if he didn't have everything he needed to enter the country,"- added the judge, who also expressed frustration that immigration officials had not allowed Djokovic to contact his lawyers and agent before his visa was revoked.

The hearing has now been suspended at the request of a lawyer representing the Australian government. The judge therefore extended the ban on the Serb's deportation until 11.00 am Moscow time.

Earlier, documents filed for the appeal revealed that Djokovic had contracted the coronavirus last December, which was the reason for the medical suspension. It was also reported that Hall & Wilcox's lawyers misspelled the athlete's last name as "Djokavic" when filing the appeal. The Ministry of Internal Affairs stressed that the mistake was "unfortunate, but not significant".