05.05.2021, 10:54

The funds from the donations were sent to terrorist organizations in Syria and Somalia, as well as to «Hamas».

03.05.2021, 14:39

Girls in sports uniforms arranged a warm-up against the background of the Kul-Sharif Mosque in Kazan and filmed it on video.

30.03.2021, 12:36

The actions of these two young men were watched by three of their comrades, one of them was filming what was happening on a phone camera.

26.03.2021, 13:22

Yuri Loginsky and Yuri Moskalev were placed under house arrest for a month.

04.03.2021, 13:22

One of them was arrested, the Investigative Committee reported.

26.02.2021, 11:38

Since the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the «Jehovah's Witnesses» as an extremist organization, 52 of it's followers have been imprisoned.

24.02.2021, 13:40

Three more of his accomplices received sentences.

26.01.2021, 16:28

A man found guilty of planning terrorist attacks in Germany and Albania along with a group of other people from Tajikistan has partially pleaded guilty.

20.11.2020, 11:29

He died in the hospital where he was receiving treatment for coronavirus of a new type.

31.08.2020, 17:27

Earlier, Archbishop of Minsk and Mogilev Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz called on the country’s authorities to start a dialogue with society amid ongoing political protests.

03.08.2020, 14:04

93-year-old pontiff fell ill with erysipelas.

04.02.2020, 08:13
Documents are under development, said the former Vatican ambassador, Archbishop Celestino Migliore
06.01.2020, 16:34

Previously, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church repeatedly reported about oppression of clergy and the seizure of temples by representatives of non-canonical religious structures.

30.12.2019, 21:39

According to a statement of the Moscow Patriarchate, the law supports a schism.

26.12.2019, 17:05

A protest march to the parliament building in the center of Podgorica was stopped by police.


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