28.04.2022, 14:42
The published footage shows people hijacking planes that subsequently flew into the twin Towers in New York.
14.02.2022, 14:20
The Ministry of Culture has suspended discussion of the draft law on the foundations of traditional Russian values due to a wave of criticism.
07.02.2022, 16:14
Vladimir Legoyda called for the mention of faith in God or religious faith to be included in the list of traditional values of Russia.
27.01.2022, 14:43

The blockaders themselves were not allowed into the cemetery — they were left standing behind the fence.

24.01.2022, 09:51
They demanded a change in church labor law.
13.12.2021, 11:40
A graduate of an Orthodox gymnasium committed a self-explosion at the Vvedensky Vladychny Convent of Serpukhov.
22.11.2021, 14:32

Other visitors to the church decided that she brings marijuana.

19.11.2021, 12:32
Christian believers did not react very positively to the idea of introducing QR codes for the vaccinated.
02.11.2021, 15:40
No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.
02.11.2021, 12:31
After the explosion, shots were heard.
19.10.2021, 11:24
According to preliminary data, the intruder acted from Turkey.
12.10.2021, 09:57
The sides discussed issues of respect for human rights, especially women, as well as security and terrorist threats.
08.10.2021, 14:06
The incident occurred at the Said Abad Shiite Mosque in Kunduz province.
16.09.2021, 10:07
Emmanuel Macron called the «neutralization» of the leader of the offshoot of the «Islamic State» a great success in the fight against terrorists in the Sahel.
15.09.2021, 14:40

The athletes are now on the border of Afghanistan with Pakistan.


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