OREANDA-NEWS. The idea of ​​introducing QR codes in transport and in public places really risks dividing Russian society into two opposing forces. Fierce discussions have already erupted on the Internet. Due to the possible introduction of special codes, demonstrations and pickets were even held. The struggle between anti-virus agents and those who consider vaccination effective not only did not come to naught, but, on the contrary, intensified significantly.

Meanwhile, the authorities have announced a transition period until early February. Meetings on the draft laws are scheduled for December 2021, after which the most important decisions in the history of Russia can be made. If everything goes according to the plan, then at least until June 1, 2022, we will face a situation of a kind of split.

Christian believers did not react very positively to the idea of ​​introducing QR codes for the vaccinated. Moreover, a split of opinion is also observed among representatives of the clergy. The ROC has already heard extremely ambiguous statements about the upcoming measures. For example, the deputy manager of the Moscow Patriarchate, Bishop Savva, strongly condemned QR codes and their distribution. “The fight is not for vaccination, but for codification,” he said in his Telegram channel. as well as large corporations. " His Eminence is dissatisfied with this system, as he believes that it will allow bad people to quickly collect the necessary data about any "objectionable object."

However, another hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Hilarion, does not share the views of his colleague. On the contrary, he believes that the QR code system can help save the population from a terrible epidemic. Moreover, he even proposes to introduce fines for the absence of such "documents". Hilarion also emphasized the existence of entire anti-Axis organizations, which, in his opinion, spread false information about the coronavirus and are criminals. He hopes that such people will be punished accordingly in the future. In general, the split of opinions in the ROC over QR codes is already an indisputable fact, and what will happen next is unknown.