OREANDA-NEWS  In that famous interview, Lady Dee told Martin Bashir that it was very difficult for her to live in the royal family. She confessed for the first time that her husband, Prince Charles, loved another woman. Interestingly, Diana agreed to this interview without the permission of Elizabeth II.

The investigation revealed that the journalist used dishonest methods in order to obtain an interview with Princess Diana. It was revealed that Bashir had forged bank statements and concocted unholy stories to gain Lady Dee's trust. According to a royal source, Prince William was involved in this investigation.

According to foreign media, the money that the royal family will receive as compensation will go to charity. It is noted that this amount already includes a percentage of the income that the channel earned from the sale of rights to show interviews.

It was this conversation that marked the beginning of the end for Princess Diana. The interview was watched by over 23 million people, and this episode is still one of the highest rated in the history of British television. After this release, Elizabeth II demanded the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.