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02.05.2022, 17:20
Italian President Sergio Mattarella urged not to mix culture and politics.
24.12.2021, 11:41
The Russians named the main words of the year, in particular, "coronavirus" and "QR codes", said the general director of VTsIOM Valery Fedorov.
16.12.2021, 17:33
Hollywood star actor Keanu Reeves has revealed that some action scenes that were already filmed have been removed from The Matrix: Resurrection.
26.10.2021, 13:46
The Amsterdam Court of Appeal has decided on the ownership of the golden collection of artifacts from Crimean museums.
26.08.2021, 15:04

The excavations at the convent were full of surprises.

26.08.2021, 12:04

The poster of “Spencer” biopic directed by Pablo Larrain shows the crying Princess Diana in a luxurious dress.

26.08.2021, 11:38
The reunion of the heroes of the cult trilogy "Back to the Future" is being discussed online.
25.08.2021, 17:01
Italian film "Martin Eden" is released in Russian cinema distribution
25.08.2021, 10:25
The cover with the child of the cult album of the group Nirvana Nevermind became prophetic. It seems that not only the baby himself has grown but also his desire to get rich.
24.08.2021, 16:26
A former soldier of the Israeli army wants to make a satirical short film about the fate of a lonely soldier.
24.08.2021, 16:02

In the capital of Japan, against the backdrop of a growing number of cases of coronavirus infection, the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games began. The city still has a state of emergency.

17.08.2021, 11:02

Despite the fact that Princess Diana gave an interview to the BBC in 1995, the scandal continues to this day. The channel will be forced to pay the royal family $ 1.5 million as compensation, The Sun reported.

16.08.2021, 15:27

Disney Corporation cancels all projects involving actress Scarlett Johansson after a lawsuit that she filed in court because of the "Black Widow".

13.08.2021, 17:17

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the country could host the Olympic Games in 2036.

13.08.2021, 14:10
Lynn, Britney Spears' mother, was delighted to find out that her ex-husband, James, had given up custody of their daughter. "Lynn went into a fight almost three years ago to protect her daughter. She achieved what she wanted", - the singer's mother's lawyer told Fox News.


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