OREANDA-NEWS. March 15, 2017. WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. (OTC:TVTV), which delivers Over the Top (OTT) subscription television services to a variety of devices including smartphones, TabletPCs, streaming media players, computers and connected TVs, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of 4 genre-specific music channels: Digital RodeoTV (Country Music), Digital CrossTV (Faith Based), Digital PopTV and Digital RockTV. This new music platform promises to bring a unique opportunity to partner with artists under its WhereverTV family of television packaged subscriptions and channels. The new music platforms will be launched under the name “WhereverTV’s Live Onstage.” The mission of the brand is to provide a live television & digital listening and viewing platform that features popular legacy music artists, as well as up and coming artists. “Artists from all genres, when they start to lose the support of the major labels and radio, are looking for a way to facilitate a more direct connection with their fan bases,” said Edward D. Ciofani, CEO of WhereverTV. Mr. Ciofani went on to state that “Right now, the sources for artists to be seen and heard are limited to radio, satellite or internet audio distribution sources or internet and video TV sites. Artists’ need to be seen and heard and the cost associated with producing on a major network is so cost prohibited and usually reserved for the major label supported artist, that the legacy and new and up and coming artists have little options to work with. With WhereverTV’s OTT platform, we are now able to produce and distribute HD live concert events and reality programming related to the artist signed. With over 1 billion tablet users and 2 billion smartphone subscribers in the world, our business model gives these artists an opportunity to monetize their fan bases and to participate in additional revenue streams through the use of technology and devices,” said Edward D. Ciofani, the CEO. “We intend to reveal several of our brand ambassadors’ and artist partnerships in the coming weeks.”

Scott Welch is a board member of WhereverTV with over 30 years' experience in the music and entertainment industry managing the careers and development of several multi-platinum recording artists. “The music business is going through a complete transition in the way in which artists are engaging their fans. WhereverTV’s global footprint is going to allow artists to have their music been seen and heard all over the world.  WhereverTV provides the artists a platform to not only engage with their fans in an intimate way but also monetize those relationships. The response so far from our artist partners has been amazing and they are very excited about the opportunity to connect directly with their fans.”

Each channel will feature genre-specific artists and genre-specific programming including live concerts, videos, interviews and other industry related news. Artists featured will be well known legacy artists and up and coming stars where audiences can hear and see current music or songs as well as favorites from yesteryear. Digital RodeoTV is the flagship channel. The Digital RodeoTV channel is specifically focused on country music and its fans.  Digital CrossTV is specifically focused on faith based music. Digital PopTV is focused on pop music. Digital RockTV is aimed at rock and alternative music.