OREANDA-NEWS. CNN, which is believed to support the Democratic Party of the United States, and Fox News, which often speaks for the Republicans, somewhat disagreed about the Russian-US summit in Geneva.

According to CNN, Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to achieve what he wanted in negotiations with American leader Joe Biden.

"Putin went to Geneva and got exactly what he wanted. He left Switzerland with a huge diplomatic victory, just by appearing," said TV journalists Luke McGee and Matthew Chance.

As noted by CNN, the summit gave Putin the opportunity to suspend the consequences of the deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington, since "the United States is now likely to be reluctant to impose new sanctions."

Fox News, in turn, called the summit a failure.

“From Biden’s perspective, what happened in Geneva was just another day in the office, standard diplomacy in the hope of possible gain. But in a win-lose world of media that profits from confrontation, it was all kind of a failure. ", - said the TV channel.

As for the leading newspapers of major European countries commenting on the Russia-US summit in Geneva on Wednesday, they agreed that their leaders managed to reduce tensions and build confidence, but the main differences remain unresolved.