OREANDA-NEWS. The portal Engadget reported with reference to the investigation of journalists that the Czech company Avast Software sells its customers’ data to such entities as Google, Home Depot, Microsoft and Pepsi.

Correspondents of two well-known US publications: Motherboard and PC Magazine, took part in an inquiry. According to them, Avast, receiving information from users of its antivirus software, transferred it to its subsidiary Jumpshot, which was engaged in the sale of this data for millions of dollars. Information for sale includes data on which sites the user visited, what he searched on the internet and what purchases he made. Jumpshot’s customers received detailed data on YouTube views, click history and location of users.

Media representatives drew attention to the fact that Avast demanded that users give their consent to such a data transfer. However, many of them did not know what Jumpshot would do with this information. Journalists believe that this process touches upon at least 100 million users (the total number of Avast users is 435 million).