OREANDA-NEWS. British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss wrote in her article for Evropeyskaya Pravda that a possible Russian "invasion" of Ukraine would be met with tough coordinated sanctions against Moscow.

“The UK and other NATO members have made it clear that any further military incursion into Ukraine would be an extreme strategic mistake. We will react powerfully to any such step, in particular, by imposing coordinated sanctions in order to seriously damage the interests and economy of Russia, ”Truss announced.

In the UK, according to the minister, they are closely following "Russia's efforts" to create a "pretext" for a potential conflict. For example, she noted the statements of Russian officials about the provocations of the West, calling them "false accusations that have nothing to do with reality."

“We do not perceive the Russian campaign aimed at undermining its democratic neighbors. I told the representatives of the Russian authorities that they must immediately stop destabilizing actions, respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and negotiate seriously. I will continue to put pressure on Russia to reduce tensions and stop its aggressive behavior, ”the Foreign Minister said. office, announcing the start of negotiations with Moscow in January 2022.

NATO in general and London in particular, as Truss emphasized, does not seek to surround or threaten Russia. She recalled that the alliance is defensive. Truss also praised Ukraine for its restraint and praised the positive bilateral relationship, noting that it has never been as strong as it is now.

Truss previously said the UK welcomes Russia's willingness to begin negotiations with the West in January.

Over the past few weeks, Ukrainian and Western media have been reporting the alleged preparations for a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moscow denies these charges.