OREANDA-NEWSThe British dictionary Collins called the word 2019 a “climate strike” (Climate strike), an expression that has become popular with the filing of 16-year-old Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg. As defined in the dictionary, “climate strike” means a form of protest that requires action to tackle climate change.

The expression “climate strike” was first registered in 2015, and the first such event was held in Paris at the same time as the UN Climate Change Conference. In 2019, as Collins lexicographers note, it began to be used 100 times more often than in the previous one.

Greta Tunberg launched an action called “Fridays for the Future” in August 2018. Instead of attending school, she came to the building of the Swedish parliament, urging the government to pay attention to the problems associated with global warming and to implement the Paris Agreement on measures to combat it. In March, Tunberg was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the environmental movement. At the end of September, she delivered a speech at the UN thematic summit, and in October Tunberg also received the International Children's