International activities

30.06.2022, 17:46
The American President said that NATO has been strengthened since Finland and Sweden decided to join this organization.
30.06.2022, 16:55
OPEC+ ministers have decided to confirm the previously prepared plan on increasing oil production quotas.
30.06.2022, 14:54
The British government will send military experts to Bosnia and Herzegovina to strengthen NATO's local mission and enhance stability and security in the country.
30.06.2022, 12:06
NATO leaders have signed a document on strengthening the technological superiority of the alliance.
30.06.2022, 10:21
The term of the ban on the export of Russian grain to the EAEU countries is expiring in June.
28.06.2022, 15:31
The leaders of France and Germany claimed that "Russia must not win".
28.06.2022, 13:43

The State Duma of the Russian Federation ratified the Agreement between the Russian Federation and Tajikistan on cooperation in the field of pensions on Tuesday.

28.06.2022, 11:02
Bloomberg: NATO is going to adopt the new Strategic Concept and identify China as a "systemic challenge", and Russia as a "direct threat" to the countries of the alliance.
27.06.2022, 17:54
Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the invitation of his Indonesian counterpart Joko Widodo to the G20 summit.
27.06.2022, 15:55
The Council of the EU adopted the final regulation on filling EU gas storage capacities before the winter season.
27.06.2022, 12:16
NATO Secretary General promised to significantly strengthen the defense of the Baltic countries.
27.06.2022, 11:11
Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany, claimed that there is a need for discussion of Russian gold import ban at the EU level.
27.06.2022, 10:45
The international marketing research agency Kantar TNS conducted a survey and found out that the majority of Finns do not want the country to meet Turkey's requirements for NATO membership.
24.06.2022, 12:43
Military expert Konstantin Sivkov drew attention to the fact that Russia practically did not react to Western sanctions.
23.06.2022, 17:24
The key task of the West is to overthrow Vladimir Putin from his post, it is for these purposes that foreign curators provoked the start of a special operation, economist Mikhail Khazin said.


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