OREANDA-NEWS. The Independent reports that SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the brain chips his startup is working on will allow people to hear sounds that were previously “beyond their range.”

In general, the ultimate goal of chip technology is to provide a direct connection between human brain and computer, the newspaper adds.

According to Musk, brain chips could also help restore movement to a person with a damaged spinal cord. The businessman said that they would be able to regulate hormone levels and, for instance, transmit music directly to a brain.

Earlier, Musk informed that with the help of a chip, a person can relieve anxiety or concentrate on thinking.

Brain chips are being developed by Neuralink, a startup that Musk established in 2017. In July last year, the company held a presentation at which it announced the first steps in developing chips that will connect brain to computer.