OREANDA-NEWS. The Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle and the Zircon hypersonic missile will allow Russia to maintain its superpower status and ensure the security of its national sovereignty. Focus expert Thomas Jaeger writes about it.

In his opinion, the strengthening of confrontation in space, as evidenced by the creation in the United States of a new type of Armed Forces - the Space Force, as well as China's plans to build a space station, may prevent Russia from maintaining its superpower status, which is why it modernizes its "strategic deterrent potential."

In particular, the author of the article singles out the Poseidon nuclear underwater drone (2M39) and the Zircon hypersonic missile (3M22).

Speaking about 2M39, the specialist notes that now Russia can deliver a nuclear retaliatory strike from the depths of the ocean.

According to him, "According to the descriptions, Poseidon is rapidly approaching the enemy coast and causing a radioactive tsunami there."

As for the Zircon missile, Jaeger pointed to its enormous speed, which makes it impossible to deflect the 3M22. He also recalled that Russia continues to modernize it for "even greater intimidation."

The observer believes that the two new types of weapons will allow Moscow to ensure its influence in the world and prevent it from being drawn into a possible conflict between the United States and China.

Jaeger concluded his article with the following words: "Putin is leading his country to a new stage in Russian and world politics."