OREANDA-NEWS. Google has released a new Android operating system. This is reported by the Android Authority.

The OS for smartphones appeared as part of the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) program and became available for download to all users. First of all, Android 12 will be released on smartphones of the Google Pixel series, then other manufacturers will release the OS on their devices.

According to journalists, the release dates of Android 12 for certain devices depend on the manufacturer of the devices. Usually, smartphone companies present the OS for their gadgets within a few weeks or months from the release of the OS.

The authors noticed that Android 12 was released later than Android 11. The previous version of the operating system from Google was available in September 2020. This is associated with the presence of a number of serious innovations.

Google introduced an OS for a new generation of smartphones at the end of May. Android 12 has undergone a major redesign compared to the early operating systems of the family. In particular, the main colors of the interface will now be based on wallpaper and adapt to the design of the desktop. A new enlarged watch will appear on the smartphone lock screen.

The notification system has been redesigned — now messages from applications are collected in one big "bubble". The animation of the appearance of system elements has also changed. The buttons have become larger, which is why their number on the main screen has decreased.