OREANDA-NEWS. The military in Alma-Ata opened fire on the instigators of the riots and cars in the Republic Square. This is reported by TASS with reference to eyewitnesses.

The fire has not died down on the square for fifteen minutes, they shoot at people who have come to the square with weapons, they shoot at cars. There are definitely wounded. It’s unclear about the killed, there’s no way to go there, ”said an eyewitness.

Another eyewitness said that some of the participants in the events "definitely fell."

As the agency's correspondent reported, the military demanded that the rioters leave Republic Square and warned that they might start shooting.

“Everyone leave the square, open fire,” the military announced over the loudspeakers.

Earlier it was reported that the sounds of gunfire were heard on Republic Square in Alma-Ata, visibility was difficult due to fog. Reuters, citing eyewitnesses, reported that an explosion occurred near the main square of the city and a fire started. It was also said that military vehicles were driving there.

According to media reports, there are almost no food left in the shops of Almaty. In particular, large markets did not open in the Auezov district of the city, and the owners of small grocery stores completely sold out the entire range of goods. Only small shops operate in the Almaty region, where the price of groceries has skyrocketed over the past few days.

Riots resumed in Almaty on January 6, media reported. Armed men rob shops and smash shop windows. Presumably, the looters began to move to the central square of the Kazakh city.