OREANDA-NEWS. Experts have identified eight cases of infection with the new "omicron" strain of coronavirus in Kazakhstan, the press service of the Ministry of Health of the republic reports.

“On January 6, 2022, the laboratory of molecular genetic studies of the branch of the RSE“ National Expert Center ”in Nur-Sultan completed the genomic sequencing of 96 positive samples. According to the results of genotyping, a new version of the Omicron coronavirus was detected in 8 (8.3%) samples, including 7 in Almaty and 1 in Nur-Sultan, ”the ministry said, adding that 71% of the samples were found to contain“ delta ” -variant, in 16% - "delta plus", and in another 4.7% - other strains of coronavirus.

The department recalled that the new version of the virus is spreading faster than the previous strains (spreading ratio 1: 5). However, there is an increased risk of re-infection.

“In the upper respiratory tract, Omicron multiplies 70 times faster than the Delta version. The only way to protect yourself from infection is to undergo a course of vaccination and timely revaccination against COVID-19. In addition, all preventive measures must be taken to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus: wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, observing hand hygiene, airing the room, etc., ”the message says.

Also, the ministry cited data from the World Health Organization, according to which to date a new omicron strain of coronavirus has been identified in 126 countries of the world.

According to the assessment of a general practitioner, founder of the Doctor's Handbook application Konstantin Khomanov, the risk of re-infection with the "delta" is 8%, and with the "omicron" - 19%.