OREANDA-NEWS "Roskosmos" was subjected to a media attack, ventured to interfere with the country to regain the leadership in space and to create the image of "devouring Federal funds" of the Corporation. Such a statement in an interview with RIA Novosti made the head of the press service of the company Vladimir Ustimenko.

Earlier, the head of the accounts chamber Alexei Kudrin, and after him the Prosecutor General's office announced financial violations identified in the state Corporation.

"The industry itself began reconfiguration to create specialized industrial holdings — missile, engine, instrument-making. Roscosmos is in motion. Possible, information the attack was connected with this," commented Volodya.

He added that someone is systematically trying to create for the state Corporation the image of the largest debtor in the industry to deprive financial support. At the same time, the budget of the space industry in Russia is almost 20 times inferior to the budget of NASA, the Agency's interlocutor reminded.

He asked the public and the media to show great respect for the rocket and space industry, which is creating a nuclear shield of the Motherland and the most modern digital technologies.

The head of the press service of the state Corporation also noted that Roscosmos stands for full cooperation with the media and does not intend to close its communication with them.

"But sometimes our openness plays a cruel joke with us," he concluded.

In the end of November the head of the Accounting Chamber Alexei Kudrin on the TV channel "Russia-1" reported that the record for the scale of financial violations is the state Corporation "Roscosmos".  According to him, there were all sorts of misconduct in "Roscomos", including wasteful spending. Among others, he mentioned the improper conduct of procurement procedures, as well as the overstatement of prices, which he called "space".