OREANDA-NEWS. Hacker's interference in the work of Facebook is possible, but another reason for the failure in the social networks is more likely. This conclusion was reached by cybersecurity expert Pavel Myasoedov due to the fact that difficulties with related Facebook projects began. His opinion is transmitted by «MIR 24» media.

«If hackers had hacked into the system of one Facebook, then, most likely, related sites would have worked. It is unlikely that hackers have put all the other sites at the same time. Moreover, there is another high probability — we believe that Facebook itself and it's related companies functioned, the problem was that users could not address them», explained Myasoedov.

He does not consider warnings on the Internet about the fall of social networks to be something significant or evidence of a conspiracy. The specialist suggested that 15 minutes before the failure, some engineer had already seen it's beginning. The expert considers the failure itself a reason to rethink the current system. Moreover, different participants of the digital industry should decide on some changes together.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced the biggest outage in the last decade on October 4. Millions of users around the world were left without social networks for seven hours. As a result, the head of the corporation, Mark Zuckerberg, lost $7 billion, and the company itself plummeted in value.