OREANDA-NEWS.Evgeny Kaspersky, general director of Kaspersky Lab, and Tim Morris, executive director of Interpol for work with law enforcement agencies, signed a five-year cooperation agreement. Within its framework, Kaspersky Lab experts will assist Interpol in investigating cybercrime, conduct training for officers and provide information on the latest cyber threats detected by the company, as well as tools for studying them. This is the second agreement, the first was signed in 2014. 

According to Yevgeny Kaspersky, general director of Kaspersky Lab, "with the growing number of complex threats, international cooperation and the exchange of expertise become more important than ever before." 

Cybercrime has no borders, so Kaspersky Lab regularly participates in operations and investigations conducted jointly with the global IT security community, international organizations such as Interpol, law enforcement agencies and computer incident response centers. Kaspersky Lab was the first security vendor to announce the provision of a free service to law enforcement agencies, the goal of which is to increase knowledge of how Kaspersky Lab reports are created and how they can help combat cybercrime and complex cyber threats.