OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro are actively discussing the news of the expulsion of several employees of the Russian mission to NATO.

Many commentators stood up for Russia, stressing that, according to this logic, a representative of any country can be called a spy.

"This expulsion demonstrates a hostile attitude towards Russia. Its increased military potential and successes in Syria irritate the US leadership in NATO," says parigo007.

One of the users admitted that the decision to expel the staff of the mission was made against the background of disarmament negotiations.

"This is how they send each other little messages," the commentator wrote.

Another reader pointed out that NATO could have made this decision in order to increase the budget and prevent the military-industrial machine from stopping.

“And this naive structure is still called upon to protect us!”, Another commentator was outraged.

There were also those who expressed surprise at the news about Russia's representatives in NATO.

"The Russians are in NATO? Don't you get it! The rest should also be sent," concluded Achille.

On Wednesday, the alliance decided to revoke the accreditation of eight diplomats, calling them "undeclared members of Russian intelligence," and the mission itself was reduced to ten. Russia, in turn, noted that this decision will not benefit cooperation and will not remain unanswered.