OREANDA-NEWS   According to the submitted petition, the singer's father is ready to cooperate with the court to transfer control over her finances to a professional auditor, as demanded by Britney's new lawyer Matthew Rosengart. 

In 2008, Spears was declared partially incapacitated due to alleged concerns about her mental health. For more than 10 years, the singer's finances, including a multimillion-dollar trust fund, were controlled by her father James Spears and a court-appointed lawyer. The singer's father also made many decisions regarding her career, treatment and personal life. Some fans of the performer argued that she did not want this, but was forced to agree. 

In 2019, manager Jody Montgomery became one of Spears' guardians. The singer's father at that time had serious health problems, he underwent several surgical operations. In 2020, a court-appointed attorney for Britney Spears asked to change the conditions of custody and remove the performer's father from her. In this case, control over the state would have passed to Montgomery. 

In July 2021, the singer personally appeared in court and in her speech asked to cancel the guardianship over her, which had been going on for about 13 years. “I want my life to be returned to me”, - she said, then emphasizing that she was ready to “sue” her family. After Spears' speech in court, her manager quit, and her lawyer also ended work with Britney. The court allowed the pop star to independently hire a lawyer in the termination of guardianship case. And in mid-July, Spears refused to perform under the control of her father.