OREANDA-NEWS The Internet Explorer browser will cease to be supported by Microsoft starting June 15, 2022, 27 years after its release. The decision was announced in 2021 on the company's blog.

Internet Explorer 11 will be disabled in all current versions of Windows 10. The program is no longer available in Windows 11, and Microsoft Edge is installed as the default browser. The company recommends switching from Internet Explorer to Edge as soon as possible and not waiting to disable the outdated browser as long as users still have access to password, bookmark and other data transfer functionality.

Microsoft notes that Internet Explorer will be phased out by Microsoft Edge and eventually shut down permanently in Windows.

In addition, Microsoft's Edge browser features IE mode, which is optimized to work with older sites. Therefore, the developers recommend not uninstalling the outdated browser even if it is disabled, as it is necessary for IE mode to work.