OREANDA-NEWS. The United States wants to draw Russia into the war in Ukraine, for this they will try to disrupt negotiations with the Russian side on security guarantees. This opinion was expressed by columnist Adam Smech in an article for the Polish edition of Myśl Polska, published on January 12.

“In my opinion, nothing will come of it. The US and its NATO monster are clearly on their way to a tipping point in the conflict.

According to him, “Russia has been pushed against a wall behind which there is nothing but shame and defeat.” Laughter notes that at the moment the United States wants war in Ukraine, and for this they need to provoke a conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

“The United States does not want a nuclear war because no one is going to win it. But they want a war in Ukraine, they want to drag Russia into it, and this is what they are doing,” the observer emphasizes.

Laughter draws attention to the fact that, according to the US plan, the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, who have common religious, cultural and largely ethnic roots, will "kill each other in full-blown conflict."

At the same time, a day earlier, another Polish expert, analyst Konrad Rankas, noted in his article that reports of an allegedly possible Russian attack on Ukraine have nothing to do with reality. However, such rumors play into the hands of the West. Thus, the United States continues to “loan” money to Kiev, which is eventually returned back in the form of payment for military orders, business is booming, and the military-industrial complex with helpful media is counting profits, he emphasized.