OREANDA-NEWS. The Ukrainian leadership does not understand what a modern high-tech war is, in which the country's army can be destroyed in a matter of minutes, Oleg Voloshin, a deputy from the Opposition Platform - For Life party, said on December 29 on the UkrLife TV channel.

“Russia has a multiple advantage in aviation - the same cruise missiles ... As one comrade from the Russian side told me - eight minutes to suppress resistance, and there are already options. Really eight minutes. The first blow, which is applied to brigade headquarters, weapons depots, fuel and lubricants, key military facilities, airfields and so on, ”he said.

According to Voloshin, the Russian side will not even need to enter the territory of Ukraine. The soldiers will remain in the trenches, but in fact the army will be gone.

“Those elements of modernity that are in the Ukrainian army will cease to exist. Only the militia with machine guns on the armored personnel carrier will remain, ”the parliamentarian stressed.

Also on this day, Voloshin explained why Ukraine is not invited to negotiations about itself. In his opinion, the country's authorities have done everything to treat it in this way, and it is too late to change anything.

In early December, Robert Lee, professor at King's College London and veteran of the US Marine Corps, announced that a significant part of the Ukrainian armed forces would be destroyed in less than an hour if an armed clash with Russia occurs. The expert's opinion is shared by a number of high-ranking Ukrainian military personnel.

Earlier in the Western media, articles have repeatedly appeared about the allegedly possible Russian invasion. So, on November 19, The New York Times reported that the US administration had warned the allies about the Russian Federation's plans to invade Ukraine and called for new anti-Russian measures to be prepared.

On December 11, press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov stressed that Russia does not plan to strike at Ukraine. According to him, the Russian Federation has the right to move troops across its territory in any direction. All the more so against the background of increased NATO activity near the borders.