OREANDA-NEWS. Media report that a search was conducted in the Moscow office of the web server developer company Nginx. According to the portal Habr.com, investigative actions are carried out as part of a criminal case brought in connection with a complaint by Rambler Group based in Russia.

Rambler representatives confirmed that they consider their rights violated. “We believe that the rights to Nginx belong to the company Rambler Internet Holding, which is part of the Rambler Group. Nginx is an office product, the development of which was done by Igor Sysoyev since the beginning of the 2000s in the framework of labor relations with Rambler, therefore any use of this program without the consent of the Rambler Group is a violation of the exclusive right,” the press service of the company stated. Rambler said that after an internal audit, a decision was made to appeal to law enforcement agencies.

In 2012, in an interview with Hacker magazine, Sysoyev said that he worked as a system administrator at Rambler, and developed Nginx in his spare time. “From the very beginning, the product was released under the BSD license as open source software. In Rambler, Nginx began to be applied when the main functional was ready. Moreover, even the first use was not in Rambler,” Sysoyev said.

In March 2019, Nginx was acquired by the American company F5 for 670 million US dollars.

Ngnix owns a web server, which it modifies for large customers. The services of Nginx are used by Yandex, Mail.ru Group, Netflix, Starbucks, McDonald’s. Since the beginning of the 2010s, the startup has attracted about 104 million dollars from various venture investors.