OREANDA-NEWS. Several dozens of companies from Russia, the USA and Europe started working on the facilities of the Christofari supercomputer - the development of Sberbank and its subsidiary SberCloud. This was reported to reporters during the presentation of STO by Sberbank Group, the head of the "technology" block of Sberbank, David Rafalovsky.

The Christofari supercomputer, named after Nikolai Christofari, the first customer of the savings bank in Russia, was presented on November 8 at the AI ​​Journey International Conference in Moscow. Supercomputer resources will enable businesses to use artificial intelligence technology.

Rafalovsky noted that representatives of Russian companies mainly use the capacities, but already there is one American and two European companies that operate in Russia. “We want every university to be able to use these capacities in its projects. Someone will start earlier, someone later”, he added. Christofari is the only Russian supercomputer designed specifically for working with artificial intelligence algorithms.