OREANDA-NEWS British actor Jacob Anderson, best known for his "Gameы of Thrones" series, has a starring role in the AMC series "Interview with the Vampire", based on the gothic novel of the same name by Anne Rice. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter. 

Anderson will play a young man named Louis, turned into a vampire by the amoral Lestat, who was recently cast as Sam Reid ("The Golem").

The series' creator, executive producer and showrunner is Rolin Jones  who is set to launch the film adaptation of Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles" series. Alan Taylor, who, like Anderson, worked on "Games of Thrones", has been appointed the director of the pilot episode. The upcoming show will have eight episodes and will likely air in 2022.

That story has already been filmed - in 1994, the iconic film was released with the participation of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, who played Lestat and Louis.