02.05.2022, 17:20
Italian President Sergio Mattarella urged not to mix culture and politics.
04.04.2022, 16:11
Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Poland, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Piotr Glinski shared his views on Russian culture.
04.03.2022, 11:36
The Nordic Council of Ministers on Friday, March 4, decided to freeze cooperation with Russia due to the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine.
26.01.2022, 14:42
Famous photographer Rene Rober froze to death on one of the central streets of Paris.
21.09.2021, 14:31
One of the most popular carnivals in Italy will take place on the Viareggio embankment on September 18, 26 and October 2,3, 9 after a long break due to coronavirus restrictions.
26.08.2021, 15:04

The excavations at the convent were full of surprises.

26.08.2021, 14:29
The actor from "Games of Thrones" will turn into a vampire
26.08.2021, 11:38
The reunion of the heroes of the cult trilogy "Back to the Future" is being discussed online.
25.08.2021, 17:01
Italian film "Martin Eden" is released in Russian cinema distribution
25.08.2021, 13:20
Disney remembered the rights to the film adaptation of the novel "20,000 leagues under the sea" of the famous science fiction writer.
25.08.2021, 12:22
Trailer for "Spider-Man: No Way Home" Breaks Records for Views
25.08.2021, 10:25
The cover with the child of the cult album of the group Nirvana Nevermind became prophetic. It seems that not only the baby himself has grown but also his desire to get rich.
24.08.2021, 16:26
A former soldier of the Israeli army wants to make a satirical short film about the fate of a lonely soldier.
17.08.2021, 17:18

The growth of interest in the novels of the American author of Afghan origin was recorded from 14 to 16 August against the background of events in the republic.

16.08.2021, 15:27

Disney Corporation cancels all projects involving actress Scarlett Johansson after a lawsuit that she filed in court because of the "Black Widow".


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