OREANDA-NEWS The richest man in the world – the Amazon company founder Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is currently estimated at $ 212.4 billion, has broken his own record, as Forbes reports.

As the newspaper notes, the company's shares jumped 5.9% this week. Perhaps this is due to the refusal of the US Department of Defense from the cloud service project, which is estimated at 10 billion. It should be overseen by Microsoft.

Amazon sued the Department of Defense, noting that the decision was influenced by former US President Donald Trump. Jeff is sure Trump has a personal dislike for him.

Bezos stepped down as CEO on Amazon's 27th anniversary. He was replaced by Andy Jesse, and the businessman became chairman of the board. After leaving, Jeff plans to do more charity work.

Also, the fortune of the ex-wife of Jeff Mackenzie Scott has also grown significantly and now amounts to 62.5 billion. The 51-year-old ex-wife of the entrepreneur owns 4% of Amazon.