OREANDA-NEWS. Readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro are actively discussing the recent statement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the need to establish "direct contact" with Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

As noted by most commentators, there is only one effective way to restore relations with Moscow, namely, "to stop the EU's obedience to the United States."

As one of the readers wrote: "There are two problems: the subordination of the United States and membership in NATO, which is becoming very dangerous because of the constant provocations against Russia on its borders."

“What Merkel has the right to determine for us our attitude towards Russia, which is a more European country than the United States?” Another user asked.

"The Chancellor is right in her judgments, but she herself obeys the dictates of the United States," complains another reader.

Another subscriber suggested that the United States of Europe would soon appear instead of the European Union.

French readers believe that there is no political unity in Europe and call for an end to any wars with Russia.

One of the readers of the newspaper Le Figaro wrote: "We are indebted to Putin for not letting his country go nowhere. What could be worse for Europe than a civil war in Russia? Finally, the Germans and French need Russian gas." He added that the Ukrainians found themselves "between two fires", but they themselves are responsible for who runs their country. "