OREANDA-NEWS The operations that cybercriminals in China are paid for, according to experts, include cyber ransomware, cryptojacking and digital theft around the world writes dev.by.

One of the recent incidents is the Microsoft Exchange breach through which hackers gained access to the e-mail servers of approximately 30,000 organizations in the United States alone.

The European Union said in a statement that this and other tries to hack were connected with groups of hackers known as Advanced Persistent Threat 40 and Advanced Persistent Threat 31.

The US Department of Justice has already filed criminal charges against four hackers allegedly sponsored by the Chinese authorities for “a multi-year campaign targeting foreign governments and organizations in leading sectors including the maritime industry, aviation, defense, education and healthcare in at least ten countries". At the same time, the White House explained that, together with the US allies and partners, "they do not exclude further actions to bring the PRC to justice".