OREANDA-NEWS. Archival materials on the websites of major foreign publications, including The Washington Post, New York Magazine and Huffington Post, began to display inserts of pornography. This happened after the domain of a popular video hosting site became the property of a porn resource.

Since 2014, Vidme has been developing its own video platform, trying to compete with YouTube. At this time, her services were used by some American Internet publications. In 2017, the platform was closed, the company was bought by Giphy, but the code indicating its website remained embedded in numerous publications.

As Motherboard explains, Vidme's rights to one of the domains - vid.me - have expired and have not been renewed. It was bought by porn resource 5 Star Porn HD, as a result of which all links from vid.me in the address now display pornography.

The authors of Motherboard gave examples of several archived publications on different sites at once, containing teasers of porn videos from 5 Star Porn HD as an insert.

The publication Gizmodo suggested that the emergence of porn on the sites of major American media could be a marketing ploy, because the site itself, containing spicy videos, "does not look very popular." Representatives of 5 Star Porn HD have not yet commented on the incident.