OREANDA-NEWS. Yandex has released a new "Mini Station" and a media extension "Module", reports LENTA.RU with reference to the Yandex press release.

"Station Mini" has received several improvements thanks to its update. "Station Mini" differs from the original by a more powerful speaker of 10 watts. The model is also available in two versions - with or without LED display. Reference information can be displayed on the built-in screen - time, weather, and so on. In addition to the standard white and black colors, the speaker is now available in blue and red.

"Station Mini" received support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-module with the ability to connect at 2.4 and 5 gigahertz. For a surround sound effect, you can pair multiple speakers together. This option will become available to users within two weeks from the date the gadget goes on sale.

The company also showed a new media attachment "Module". The device connects to the TV and allows you to display TV channels, videos from the Internet, films and series from the "Kinopoisk HD" service. A remote control is included with the "Module". The set-top box connects to the TV via an HDMI port and supports 4K video and Dolby Vision.

Representatives of "Yandex" also clarified that the new "Station Mini" and "Module" can work together. For example, they can be paired, and there is also an opportunity to search for a remote control using the voice assistant "Alice" and by giving a sound signal.

The cost of the new "Station Mini" with a screen is 6990 rubles, without it - 5990 rubles. The "module" will cost 4990 rubles. The pre-orders for the models will open on October 5.