OREANDA-NEWS. The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, accused Western countries of cynical unwillingness to recognize the presence of neo-Nazis in Ukraine. She wrote about this in her Telegram channel.

So, she commented on the statement of the German Ministry of the Interior that German neo-Nazis can participate in hostilities on the side of Ukraine.

The German newspapers "Tageszeitung" and "Rundshau", citing the official appeal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany, wrote about cases of public statements by right-wing extremists about their intentions to "fight the Russian neo-Bolsheviks" in Ukraine. The publications cited a certain neo-Nazi group "The Third Reich Way" as an example.

Zakharova suggested that Berlin had long known that the ultra-fascists were in contact with the militants of the Azov National Battalion (banned in the Russian Federation).

“And now, while a special denazification operation is underway in Ukraine, German right-wing extremists have chosen the following slogan for themselves: “In the struggle in Ukraine, the nationalists are at the forefront.” Actually, it is not clear what other evidence is needed not only of the presence, but also of the high activity of neo-Nazis in Nezalezhnaya, ”wrote the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

She also criticized the German authorities for a "strikingly sluggish response," but stressed that acknowledging the problem is "already a good thing."