OREANDA-NEWS. The national park's establishment is included in the action plan on implementing the Federal Natural Reserves Development Concept up to 2020, which was adopted according to Government Resolution No 2322-R dated December 22, 2011.With a total area of 201,668 hectares, the park has been established on the Onega Peninsula on territory belonging to the Forest Fund and the Water Fund – in the waters of the Unskaya Bay of the White Sea – to preserve natural complexes in the Arkhangelsk Region and landmarks of an environmental and scientific importance, including rare and threatened flora and fauna habitats listed in Russia's Red Book of Threatened Species. The Government resolution also provides for protecting unique old forests in the northern taiga, and for preserving the culture and the everyday customs of the White Sea coast's Pomorye population (Pomors).

The park has been transferred to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for control and management. The park's establishment and operation will be conducted with federal budget allocations envisaged by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to support the activity of attributed institutions.