OREANDA-NEWS. Following an overall assessment of the strategic options, the company management has taken the decision to concentrate its forces and to focus on the two divisions of Industrial Services and Doors. A selling process has been launched for the Coatings Group, comprising the companies of Feyco AG, Treffert Coatings GmbH (FEYCO TREFFERT), Industrielack AG (ILAG) and Schekolin AG, with the aim of transferring these companies to a new proprietor by the end of 2016, if possible. The main concern is to achieve a good and sustainable solution for the Coatings Group's business and, in particular, for its employees.

The Coatings Group is active in the sectors of wood coatings, non-stick coatings and packaging coatings in regional and international niche markets. In the light of the coating companies' high innovativeness, comprehensive product portfolio and leading market positions, the Board of Directors and Group Executive Management are convinced that a wide range of positive development options are open to the companies of the Coatings segment under a new proprietor.

After the planned transaction, the Looser Group will comprise the two segments of Doors and Industrial Services. Both segments are strategically well-placed and are in an excellent competitive position, with a high earnings power. The proceeds from the sale are to be used for the further dynamic development of these two segments.

Investors, the media, partners and interested parties will receive further information on the intended sale during the mid-year telephone conference on 16 August 2016.