Machinery and equipment manufacture

01.07.2022, 14:33
Almaz-Antey Announces Quitting International Ratings of Arms Producers
28.06.2022, 11:37
KONE Corporation has decided to terminate its activities in Russia.
27.06.2022, 17:38
The CEO of Gazprom Energoholding said that Siemens has decieved its Russian partners.
25.05.2022, 10:32
South Korean Samsung and American Apple have applied for documents to sell their new gadgets in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).
18.05.2022, 10:11
Military expert Konstantin Sivkov, on the air of Evening Moscow, described how Russian hypersonic missiles are superior to their American counterparts.
11.05.2022, 15:32
Russia should be wary of the arrival of American Switchblade and Black Hornet drones in Ukraine, since the country has not yet developed similar weapons to fight the enemy.
10.05.2022, 14:07
Moscow will help Minsk in matters of rocket production, agreements on this were announced by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
29.04.2022, 10:50
The European Union is preparing a new accusation against Apple in an antitrust case. This was reported by the Financial Times, citing its own sources.
15.12.2021, 11:34
Despite US sanctions against Russian small arms, ammunition shipments from Russia to America have broken records.
03.12.2021, 10:25
The US Air Force needs to have a new generation of precision-guided munitions to contain Russia and China.
29.11.2021, 14:51
The Chinese investor of the Ukrainian manufacturer of aircraft engines «Motor Sich» accused Kiev of unfair treatment and demanded $4.5 billion in compensation.
01.10.2021, 12:14

Robotic complexes armed with 30-millimeter automatic cannons, machine guns and anti-tank guided missiles.

30.06.2021, 13:08

The prototype of the Daymak Spiritus electric car has started mining cryptocurrencies in a test mode.

03.06.2021, 12:54
Tests have revealed increased vibration while driving in the new British Ajax armored vehicles.
28.05.2021, 13:22
Uralvagonzavod is creating the first prototypes of Shturm strike robots designed for urban combat.


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