OREANDA-NEWS. October 3, 2011. Russian national telecommunications operator Rostelecom has presented its new corporate brand.

Russias national telecommunications operator Rostelecom has unveiled its new corporate brand in all its coverage areas. The new brand has come to symbolize the large-scale changes which are taking place at the company. It was worked out by branding company TNC.Brands.Ads in association with the Russian division of creative agency Leo Burnett, which is part of Leo Burnett Group Russia.

Rostelecoms new brand is underpinned by high technology, but designed for people. Its main features include modern, clear, warm, sensitive and Russian.

Most noticeable was the change in the companys corporate style. A new symbol in Rostelecoms corporate logo is a 3D depiction of the Cyrillic letter P, the first letter in the companys name which is formed from the word Russia. P is stylized in such a way to elicit an association with the ear. This symbol, on the one hand, illustrates the companys national belonging, while, on the other hand, symbolizes the companys openness to dialog and its willingness to listen to the opinions of its users.

Rostelecoms traditional harsh dark blue has been replaced by a softer light shade of blue while bright orange has been added, which symbolizes positive emotion and zest for life.

In addition, the 3D symbol in the companys logo is also now accompanied by a name which is written in a state-of-the-art high-tech script. This replaced the poster script which was earlier used to convey the companys name.

Rostelecoms new logo embodies the values of the companys upgraded brand, such as humanity, service quality, universality, and the merged companys aspiration for innovative development.

The merger between Svyazinvests regional telecommunications operators (RTOs) and Rostelecom would allow the new company not only to become the largest Russian telecommunications company and bolster its leadership in traditional market segments, but also to vie for leadership in new high-tech segments.

Rostelecom has pooled the resources and experience of Russias largest backbone telecom operator and regional telecommunications, and today offers a full range of voice services, high-speed Internet access and interactive television, since the communications campaign to support rebranding is to be carried out under the slogan More opportunities!

According to Rostelecom CEO Alexander Provotorov, rebranding was necessary, first and foremost, in order to bring the corporate brand in line with the new business strategy and the new acquisitions. Today, our focus has become people and their interests, aspirations and needs. Were creating a single information space in Russia where each person can easily achieve his or her communication potential, Alexander Provotorov said.

In his opinion, Rostelecom offers solutions which take into account the individual features of specific people, their families and companies. The company has been responsive to user requests and has been attempting to ensure that its telecommunications products and services meet their current needs. Alongside of this, weve been developing new technological projects and innovative services in order to be prepared to meet peoples expectations also in the future, Provotorov pointed out.

According to Rostelecoms commercial director Pavel Zaitsev, by launching a single brand, were showing that we really want to listen to our clients and offer them convenient and the most affordable products and services in all walks of life, thus giving each person more opportunities to communicate and achieve his or her potential.

Natalia Mesh, managing director of TNC.Brands.Ads had the following to say: The rebranding of Rostelecom is a unique project in terms of its scale and timeline for implementation. Our brand is geared towards trends seen nowadays on the telecom services market and is keenly in tune with its target audience. The new brand holds out More Opportunities and embodies Rostelecoms commitment to make peoples lives more comfortable, easy and complete, providing the whole range of communication services in a convenient, understandable and affordable manner.

Vladimir Tkachev, general director of Leo Burnett Group Russia, talking about the advertising campaign to launch the new brand, commented: The creative idea behind More Opportunities to Communicate Whats Important reflects the aspiration of the new Rostelecom to become an advanced and high-tech company which builds its business on the quality of its products and user needs.