OREANDA-NEWS. September 24, 2012. Karelia became a venue for the joint session of panels of Russian and Ukrainian Ministries of the Interior. Ministers of Interior of the two countries came to Petrozavodsk – Vladimir Kolokoltsev on the part of Russia and Vitaly Zakharchenko on the part of Ukraine, as well as heads of various departments of ministries. Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen welcomed the eminent guests.

Before the joint session Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Vitaly Zakharchenko and Alexander Khudilainen have visited the exhibition of military clothing, special and technical means used by law enforcement officials in Russia. The ministers examined samples of the uniform intended for police officers working in different climatic zones, and various devices which make the work of policemen more effective and safe. One of the novelties of the exhibition was a remote breath analyzing sensor that helps to detect a car with drunk people in the flow of traffic. This device was tested by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of St. Petersburg. Most of the exhibition was devoted to various special means for counterterrorism operations. These are radars for detection of people hiding beneath buildings at the distance of up to 20 meters, devices for control of explosives, as well as armadillo suits.

At the session Minister of the Interior of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev thanked Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen for cordial welcome and arrangement of good conditions for the joint session of panels.

Welcoming the guests, Alexander Khudilainen told: "We're very glad that the joint session of panels of Ministries of the Interior of Russia and Ukraine takes place in Karelia. We're much favoured with this, though this is also a high responsibility." He has also mentioned, that 12,000 Ukrainians live in our region which makes more than 2% of the population of Karelia, therefore arrival of the Ukrainian delegation causes interest in citizens of the republic.

According to Vladimir Kolokoltsev, development of cooperation in the law-enforcement sphere between Russia and Ukraine is an important component of the general integration process within the framework of the two states. Cooperation at various levels makes a major contribution to strengthening of internal security of both countries. "Forms and methods of our cooperation have got formed by now. They allow to perform our teamwork efficiently. We need specific and effective measures. Each criminal should understand, that he won't hide even in the neighbouring territory, he will be found in due time out and will get the just punishment," – Minister of the Interior of Russia added.

Minister of the Interior of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko described urgency of the joint work as follows: "Carrying out of the joint session of panels has already become a good tradition. Today's meeting is a graphic evidence of mutually advantageous partnership supported by our states. Criminogenic processes in our countries have much in common, thus we need precisely coordinated activities almost in all directions of our struggle against criminality."

Among the other issues on the agenda of the joint session of panels was condition of cooperation between law-enforcement bodies in frontier regions of Russia and Ukraine in struggle against criminality, strengthening of cooperation in search for criminals, fugitive suspects, and missing citizens. Besides, the parties discussed their plans for the next year. On results of the session, decisions of panels on considered issues were adopted and signed.