OREANDA-NEWS. October 3, 2012. Belarus has made a compromise with Russia on the distribution of export quotas in the framework of the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC, a international trading company that facilitates export of potash fertilizer produced by Russia’s Uralkali and Belaruskali).

Belarus’ Premier Mikhail Myasnikovich made a statement to that effect at a press-conference on September 14.

In his words, Belarus and Russia had to agree on two key issues: the export price formula and the distribution of overseas sales between Belaruskali and Uralkali.

“We have agreed on the distribution of shares and export prices,” Myasnikovich said.

Now Uralkali holds a 50% stake in the BPC.

“Russia has agreed on the 49.15% / 50.85% proportion between Belaruskali and Uralkali’s potash exports,” Myasnikovich said.

At the moment, Belaruskali exports 47.5% of all potash fertilizers produced, while the share of Uralkali is 52.5%.

The parties have also agreed to take into consideration Uralkali’s potash shipments by railway to China, Myasnikovich said.