OREANDA-NEWS.  August 23, 2013. Joint position of Ukraine and Russia is in the need to return to positive dynamics of bilateral trade. That is why even talks about trade wars between Ukraine and Russia can not be, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said at a session of the Government.

He stressed that there are complications in customs clearance of some goods from Ukraine on the territory of Russia, but their scope is too much exaggerated and dramatized by certain media.

Mykola Azarov noted that Russian customs from August 14 strengthened control over loads from Ukraine. Federal Customs Service of Russia explained that to the so-called "a group of risk" goods which, in their opinion, did not have a certificate of origin issued accordingly were referred. During half months the Russian Customs issued the so-called risk profiles for certain product groups, which caused some caution.

"Unfortunately, some Ukrainian exporters did not pay enough attention to the stricter requirements of Russian customs’ officials. And organizers business must make conclusions. And we need to draw conclusions from the fact that the interaction between the customs authorities of neighboring countries that have a huge turnover, was not at the corresponding level," the Prime Minister said. He added that the Federal Customs Service of Russia brought apologize to participants of foreign economic activity.

Presidents of Ukraine and Russia instructed governments to resolve the issue. It was emphasized the need to not only solve current problems, but also to avoid complications in the future.

The government immediately set up a working group to address issues of Russian-Ukrainian trade cooperation, chaired by vice Prime Minister Yuriy Boyko. Group worked intensively over the weekend and it made significant progress in understanding the nature of problems and their solutions.

Mykola Azarov also said that on this occasion on Sunday were held a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Dmytro Medvedev. Heads of Governments rejected all sorts of speculation, related to the integration process between the two countries.

"Our common opinion is that there could be no a trade war between Ukraine and Russia. Creating obstacles or barriers is a dead-end trend in bilateral cooperation. For any countries. And especially ours, which combines numerous cooperative, industrial and other relationships. Other way than the shared and quickly decision just can not be," Prime Minister of Ukraine stressed.