OREANDA-NEWS. November 29, 2013. The procedure for grid connection of consumers to electric grids has gone through changes. Order #915 “On amendments to the Rules of grid connection of energy receiving devices of electricity consumers, facilities producing electrical energy and electric grid facilities owned by grid companies and other persons to the grid” has been in effect since it was signed by Dmitry Medvedev, RF Prime Minister.

From now on, an individual or legal entity can connect a facility to the grid infrastructure at a reduced rate of 550 rubles under 15 kW only every three years within the borders of municipal districts, urban districts and in inner city territories of the cities of federal significance. This measure should help to restrain the use of privileges for commercial purposes. For example, JSC “MOESK” faced often the cases when the same applicant brought up to 700 applications, received benefits in respect of all of them, and then sold the land at a market price.

The amendments made also clarify the procedure for connecting to the electricity grid of residential and non-residential premises located in apartment buildings. Living rooms are connected based on the application of the management company, and non-residential ones can be connected by both the owner and the tenant. Here it is necessary to provide a resolution of the general meeting of the house owners or the management company to lay the line.

Moreover, the changes touched calculation of the cost of connection to the grid for the members of gardening, cottage, garage and other non-profit associations. Under the amendments, the total cost of grid connection in such a case cannot exceed 550 rubles per each member of the association.

According to Alexander Pyatigor, Deputy Director General for grid connection and service development, “... for 9 months of this year, MOESK received 63,399 applications, 56,422 of which are applications from privileged categories of consumers, which amounted to 89%. According to objective estimates, the established preferential rate of 550 rubles is many times lower than capital investments required to connect the relevant category of consumers. It is important that these benefits were received by those who really need them. The adopted changes to the grid connection rules contribute to this.”