OREANDA-NEWS. December 02, 2013. MCC convened the first extraordinary shareholders meeting of 2013 in Beijing successfully. The meeting was presided over by Guo Wenqing, the chairman of the BOD of MCC and the attendants included the shareholders, investors of the capital market, analysts, members of the BOD of MCC, supervisors and the management of MCC.

The meeting examined and adopted three bills including “The Bill on Changes of Parts of Funds Raised in the A-share Market”.

The meeting was held in a friendly ambience. Firstly, Guo Wenqing expressed his heartfelt thanks to the shareholders, investors of the capital market and analysts for their participation in the meeting and for their long-term support and comprehension of MCC. Subsequently, Guo Wenqing made in-depth communications and exchanges with the shareholders, investors of the capital market and analysts on such issues as operational and financial conditions, development ideas and competitive edges of MCC.

During the communication, Guo Wenqing noted that, despite a number of difficulties in the course of the development in the past, MCC has gradually walked out of the dilemma as some leftover problems were solved in the recent one year. MCC has put forward the vision of “to build a better MCC by focusing on the main businesses ” by drawing lessons from the past. Meanwhile, MCC has constantly been deepening reforms, reinforcing management and adopting a series of management measures such as internal organization adjustment, integration of resources, planning of layout for market development and building of the management. Moreover, MCC has large quantities of high quality design and construction enterprises, which are the pillars for development of MCC. The operational conditions for Q3 of 2013 have shown that there was salient recovery growth for MCC’s performance.

Finally, Guo Wenqing hoped that all shareholders will support and understand MCC as usual and that the investors and analysts of the capital market will view MCC objectively. And MCC will also go to great lengths to make the vision of “to build a better MCC by focusing on the main businesses” come true by following the steady plan of “to make a step within a year and a leap forward within three years ” in the spirit of “neither to slack off even for one day nor to waste even one moment ”, so that MCC will better contribute to the shareholders and the capital market.